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Two new contracts have been signed and returned. Once Upon A Christmas will be out in Dec. Dark Lake as yet has no release date.

Dutch Crocus - a free conclusion to the flowers can be fatal series is out in May.

All That Glitters will be out in June.

I'm releasing Zara's Folly as part of a box set in July.

Quinn's Choice is part of another box set at Christmas.




Sept 28

update complete. two new covers. four new pages. updated bio. no the laptop still doesn't like capital letters. or inserting pictures this morning. So the cover for Down in Yon Forest and The Hector Clause are behind the text links.

Sept 27

Major update underway today and maybe tomorrow depending how long it takes me to fight the HTML demons. Not to mention my dinosaur of a laptop.

But there will be links for the remaining flower books. Pages to the Four new books coming out aside from the remaining flower ones. And a link to sign up to the newsletter. And a long over due bio update page.

June 15

Books 1-6 are now live.

I have just signed contracts for 3 more books. All that gitters. Married by Easter. Down in Yon Forest. The latter is a Christmas one and will be out in December or late November.

Feb 13

Look an update! The flowers series now is live - well books 1-3 anyway. And the series has a title - flowers can be fatal - and as usual anything nasty can and will happen. What can I say? Headley Cross is a dangerous place to live. Links to the all the books are HERE with blurbs and extacts and release dates for each one. Buy links will be added as the books go live.

There is also a Psalms devotional I THIRST which comes from all at Pelican Book Group. I have two here. At the moment it's FREE. Yup, FREE.

There are a couple other things in the works, but more about that at a later date.



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