How to rescue your plot during nanowrimo.


Choose a number between 1-100

1•  Kill a main character

2•  Send your characters on a journey

3•  Have your characters lose an important item

4•  Have one of your characters go crazy

5•  your characters stumble on a party

6•  your characters throw a party

7•  your character get drunk

8•  your character gets drunk and blabs a secret

9•  Switch to the villain's point of view

10•  A volcano erupts nearby

11•  Add a love interest

12•  Add a new character

13•  Your MC trips and breaks an arm

14•  Characters argue over grammar

15•  Have a character exclaim “There is no spoon”

16•  Write a scene in a bowling alley

17•  Have a character break his glasses

18•  Reference yourself writing nanowrimo

19•  Kill a mime

20•  Use a trilobite in your novel

21•  Send in the ninjas

22•  Add a one night stand

23•  Get your characters lost in a forest

24•  Your MC's mother dies

25•  Two characters kiss

26•  One character walks in on two others during an intimate moment

27•  A supporting character has a heart attack and dies

28•  Your MC loses money at poker

29•  Everyone gets food poisoning

30•  Everyone gets the plague

31•  Include a character who obsessively collects random objects

32•  A character's long lost sibling turns up

33•  A male character finds out he's the father of a teenager who shows up

34•  A CIA agent tries to kill a character

35•  The characters find a suitcase full of money

36•  Have a character find a dead body in the trunk of their car

37•  Include the phrase ‘I saw this in a movie once. It didn't work then.'

38•  Go grab a random album and use the song tracks as chapter titles

39•  Include any of the games you see on ‘who's line is it anyway'

40•  Have a character wilfully remove his/her own limb

41•  Include a brawl in a non contact sport eg tennis, croquet, cricket, ice skating

42•  Include a llama

43•  Include a terrible accident involving a rubber chicken

44•  Have the villain and hero be ex- spouses, girl/boyfriend, fiancé etc

45•  Write an entire chapter in which the characters only peel potatoes

46•  Have a character literally die of too much homework

47•  Include a soapbox moment about a subject you feel strongly about that has Nothing to do with the plot

48•  Have a scene where a character suffers a mishap with a bendy straw

49•  A herd of 100 bison stampede through your novel

50•  Your characters are surrounded by a cloud of butterflies

51•  A walk on gets hit by a bus, gets up, dusts themselves off, and walks away

52•  Hit shuffle on your music player, and base the chapter on the first song that comes up

53•  Have your characters play duck, duck, goose

54•  Have your characters interpret a secret message

55•  Go to the nano characters and plot realism forum and use the first prompt from top of the list

56•  Open the nearest book, point to a line at random and use that as the basis for the next scene

57•  Open the bible, point to a verse and have one of your characters quote it

58•  Have a bank robbery interrupted by a second robbery at the same bank

59•  Have your characters play I have never or another drinking game

60•  Have your character play my grandmother went to Paris

61•  Have your villain and MC run into each other by accident in public and be nice to each other

62•  One of your characters has an odd but all consuming phobia

63•  Include a polar bear somewhere a polar bear would absolutely never be

64•  Your character opens a book in a library and finds a note asking for help

65•  Your character opens a fortune cookie and finds a note asking for help

66•  A hurricane hits your setting. It's named the same as your MC who complains loudly and bitterly about it

67•  One of your characters gets pregnant

68•  Have a character say something he shouldn't in his sleep

69•  Have a character get arrested for a crime that happened years ago and is totally unrelated to the current plot.

70•  Have your characters accidently enter an establishment they wouldn't normally be seen dead in – gay bar, biker bar, rodeo event etc

71•  Have a character receive a box of random stuff in the mail from someone they don't know

72•  Have a tough macho character receive an ugly present from his mother

73•  Your characters are trapped by a freak storm inappropriate to the season

74•  Your main character trips, hits his head and is unconscious all day. Everyone else talks about him behind his back.

75•  Your villain falls in love with a secondary character

76•  A foreigner tries to tell your characters something really important but doesn't speak their language

77•  Your characters have for breakfast whatever you ate most recently

78•  Your characters are kept awake all night by loud noises. They get giggly and share secrets.

79•  A cute kids shows up and latches onto your MC. You have to get rid of the kid without killing him/her

80•  Have a villain show up with the same name as your MC. They both get mad over it.

81•  One of your characters bets another to do something unusual, stupid or difficult.

82•  Whatever happened in the last chapter sparks a flashback to a similar event in MC's childhood.

83•  A spaceship crash lands right in front of your characters. At least they think its a spaceship. It could be a hoax.

84•  Your characters path is blocked by a construction crew. They have to go another way

85•  One of your character goes into a fugue state and disappears

86•  Have a sale at MC's fave store. The object he buys is cursed

87•  Include your fave teacher from school as a minor character

88•  Include your least fave teacher as a minor character

89•  Your characters start a fire while playing with candles

90•  A walk on character shows up again and reveals a crucial secret

91•  Your MC dreams about another character

92•  Have your characters find a mysterious ancient coin

93•  A storm forces your characters to shelter somewhere creepy

94•  Two characters who hate each other are forced to share a cramped space eg lift/hotel room/car

95•  Your MC offends a minor character by constantly forgetting their name

96•  The last inanimate object you mentioned breaks suddenly without anyone touching it

97•  The character who most recently spoke comes down with laryngitis and can't speak for the whole of the next chapter

98•  A beetle flies into a character's hair and everyone freaks out

99•  A character swallows a bug. Someone comments ‘extra protien'

100•  Your MC decides to write a novel.